Story Time


Charlie Byrne's Children Section is home to a very popular free story time held each week! Join us every Saturday, for stories, rhymes and magical adventures with our children’s book experts! It kicks off at 11am, when we share well-loved favourites, exciting new releases, and a vast variety of brilliant picture books! Our free story time takes place among comfy chairs in the relaxed and fun filled atmosphere of our children’s section, and is suitable for kids of all ages: everyone is welcome to attend!
Story Time is also suitable for small to medium sized party groups, so if you have a birthday party group and would like to attend story time as a group, don’t hesitate to contact us!


Although ALL children are welcome to our story time, for some big crowds and lots of noise are not ideal for relaxing and enjoying stories. Charlie Byrne’s is proud to offer a special service for children with special needs and special needs classes from local schools, whereby children accompanied by their teachers are invited for a special story telling session tailored specifically to the needs of the children present. If you would like to arrange a Special Needs Story Time, contact us to arrange a quiet day in the shop and conditions that are best suited to the children in your class!


We love working with local schools, and we regularly help them by building libraries, recommending and ordering books, developing class reading plans, assisting with literacy development and supporting reading for children with learning difficulties. We also organize and invite schools to children’s events in our bookshop.

We are happy to help you set up, refresh, or invigorate school libraries on any budget. We understand that developing a library can be expensive, so we offer school libraries a 10% discount on all orders, and are happy to source any in-print books for your school. Our staff can suggest appropriate titles for different classes, reading levels, and interests, and offers individual consultations for teachers and school librarians.


We’re also very experienced in recommending books for classes, and our staff is always on hand to assist teachers who’d like suggestions. We can also suggest books for individual children who might be struggling with reading, or are reading ahead of their class, and can provide support on a continuous basis by assisting with lesson plans and reading resources. So get in touch if you’d like some ideas for your class, or if you’d like to talk about making reading accessible, engaging, and, most importantly, fun!


In addition to Story Time, our children’s section often hosts children’s book launches, visiting authors and literary events. Feel free to contact Michaela at 091-561-766 if you would like to arrange a special reading for your class or group, launch a children’s book, or visit our shop to read or sign books.


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