The Story Of The Abbey Theatre - Peter Kavanagh

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The Story Of The Abbey Theatre - Peter Kavanagh

The Book

Excerpt"The Abbey Theatre's contribution to dramatic literature during the twentieth century has been so great that the story of its extraordinary achievement is deserving of attention. Many of the small theatres that came into existence during the same period are remembered because they helped in the development of a single dramatist of genius: the Moscow Art Theatre (1898) produced Chekhov; the Théâtre Libre in Paris (1887) helped Ibsen; the Avenue Theatre in London (1894) produced Shaw's first play. The Abbey Theatre in Dublin, however, produced a whole school of dramatists, many of whom were of the first rank. Immediately the names of Yeats, Synge, O'Casey, Lady Gregory, Colum, Robinson, and Murray come to mind. To explain this phenomenon as an accident would be neither honest nor adequate".

About the Author

Kavanagh was a writer, scholar, and publisher who collected, edited, and published the works of his brother, poet Patrick Kavanagh. He was born in the Parish of Inniskeen, Ireland, the youngest of ten children. He attended the local schools, continued to secondary school, and upon receiving his diploma from the Patrician Brothers School in Carrickmacross, Kavanagh attended St. Patrick's Teachers College in Dublin, where he became a certified National Teacher (1936), graduated M.A. from the National University of Ireland (1941), and Ph.D. from Trinity College, Dublin in (1944).