Launch of Gathering Evidence by Caoilinn Hughes

Gathering Evidence by Caoilinn Hughes will be launched in Charlie Byrne's BookshopWe're delighted to announce the launch of Gathering Evidence, by Galway native Caoilinn Hughes, winner of the 2013 Cúirt New Writing prize. The launch takes place on Wednesday the 5th of February at 6pm, and everyone is welcome!Visit our Facebook page to view pictures of the launch!

About Gathering Evidence:

With pinpoint accuracy, virtuosity and humour, Caoilinn Hughes aligns scientific and poetic venturing. In this striking debut collection she focuses on moments of discovery, from the first controlled nuclear reaction to the shape of an avalanche as witnessed from its catchment area. These are epiphanies with consequences."The notion of the poet as alchemist is a familiar one, but Caoilinn Hughes gives it new and enormous energy. I find myself wondering how she knows so much about so many things; and then I notice how far her poems travel beyond their own footprints. On page after page, she offers transformation – turning facts into feeling, experience into knowledge, prose into poetry, science into art." Bill Manhire"Hughes brings to the embers of the Irish lyric new breath, new music, new word hoards, reinvigorating that tradition. She spins news from her travels in the wide world and it feels like essential information. This collection is a flaring forth, an auspicious comet, signal of achievement and promise." Paula Meehan

About Caoilinn Hughes:

Caoilinn Hughes was born in Galway, Ireland in 1985. With BA and MA degrees from the Queen's University of Belfast, she moved to New Zealand. After some years working for Google, running a small business, and writing novels on the weekends, she enrolled in a Ph.D. at Victoria University of Wellington. A selection of poems from her first book, Gathering Evidence won the 2012 Patrick Kavanagh Award, and poems from the collection also won the 2013 Cúirt New Writing Prize, the 2012 STA Travel Writing Prize and the 2013 Trócaire / Poetry Ireland Competition. Gathering Evidence is published by Carcanet.The launch of Gathering Evidence takes place on Wednesday the 5th of February at 6pm, and everyone is welcome! Get in touch (here...) if you would like to reserve a signed copy of the book after the launch, or one shipped to you!

Launch of Come Back When You're Sober by Valerie Farragher

Valerie Hughes Come Back When You're Sober will be launched in Charlie Byrne's Bookshop on Thursday the 12th of DecemberJoin us for the launch of Come Back When You're Sober by Valerie Farragher, on Thursday the 12th of December at 6.30pm. Valerie Farragher’s alcoholism almost ruined the lives of her family. Now four years sober, she is trying to help other women avoid that terrible fate. Her memoir recently received high praise from the Irish Times, and RTE have made a television documentary Moment of Truth about Valerie's story.The launch kicks off at 6.30pm and everyone is welcome!From the Irish Times Article:It is unlikely that Valerie Farragher’s new work, Come Back When You’re Sober, will be anyone’s book of the year in those Christmas round-ups (see pages 10-11). But, chaotic, contradictory and self-published as it is, it probably should be.This is the story of a modern, rural Irish family devastated by the mother’s alcoholism, told not only from the mother’s point of view, but from those of her five children and, briefly, of her husband, Thomas. The reader is exposed to the agony of everyone involved.Sarah Farragher, the middle child in the family, writes about “trying to cook and clean and do my homework all at the same time . . . I would start shouting at everyone to ‘f***ing help me!’ My Father would always complain about the house being ‘filthy’. It looked like a ‘Pig sty’, as my Father would say! He also told us to marry rich as we would need maids. I still have my fingers crossed on that one!”Sarah developed a sixth sense about her mother’s drinking. “The moment that my feet would hit the ground coming off the [school] bus, I could always tell if she was drinking or not.”The four girls describe running round the house searching for their mother’s empty vodka bottles: “Mum is short in stature so they were never in high places,” says Louise. She also writes about trying to look normal: “If lying to teachers was an exam, I would have gotten an A.”The teenagers bought drink for their mother, which was “Way too much power to give to a Teen”, writes Elaine, the eldest in the family.They describe searching the countryside for their mother when she ran away, and of watching their father as they did so: “You can’t help but be scared if you see the strongest male role model in your life terrified,” writes Elaine.“When Mum would drink, it was like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. She would have this look in her eyes as if to say, ‘F**k you, I’m going to make you pay,’ without ever opening her mouth,” says Sarah.Elaine remembers Valerie before she started drinking. “There was a lovely mother before alcohol took over. She was the most dependable person,” she says.Hard to believe“Oh, it was bad,” says Valerie now. “And it was bad to read it, even though I’ve heard it all before. Sometimes I find it hard to believe all the stuff I did. And there was worse . . . I thought, Oh my God, they had to live it. I was drunk through it, and I was protected by the alcohol.”The family thought long and hard before agreeing to write the book and appear in an RTÉ television documentary, Moment of Truth, which is due to air tomorrow. 

Launch of No Return Game by Tom Mathews

Tom-Mathews-No-Return-Game will be launched in Charlie Byrne's BookshopWe're delighted to announce the launch of No Return Game, by well known illustrator and poet Tom Mathews, this Friday the 6th of December, at 6pm.Tom Mathews has long been admired for his trademark wit and humour, for the combination of irreverence and formal inventiveness that has long since made him one of Ireland's most celebrated cartoonists. His debut collection of poems in 2009 showed him to be, in addition, a singular, inimitable presence in Irish poetry. Taking its title from Beckett's 'Murphy', his follow-up, 'No Return Game', is at once an extension of his' considerable reach into (one might say infiltration of) Irish and particularly European art and literature, as it is also a deepening, and by times a darkening, of Matthews' own vision, the big questions of time and love, ageing and loss, faced (and sometimes faced down) but always present, the poet's evident love for language and life his constant companions and guiding stars.‘Other poets are witty, disappointed, pithy, heart-broken, indignant, erudite, sarcastic and witty (again), but only Tom Mathews is all of these in his own winning Tom Mathews way. His readers – me for one – are lucky to have him.’— Billy Collins‘This second collection presents Mr. Mathews in sparkling and typically vivacious form – the work here is funny and skilled and sad and tender and all of these things at once.’— Kevin BarryThe launch takes place on Friday the 6th of December, at 6pm, and everyone is welcome to attend!

Launch of 13 Tales of Ill Fate and Misfortune

tales of fate and misfortune by A.M Shine and Lara Luxardi will be launched in Charlie Byrne's BookshopJoin us for the launch of 13 Tales of Ill Fate and Misfortune, written by A.M. Shine and beautifully illustrated by Lara Luxardi, on Wednesday the 4th of December at 6pm. 13 Tales of Ill Fate and Misfortune is A.M. Shine's debut collection of short stories, macabre throughout and lavishly illusrated by Lara Luxardi. Signed copies of the book, and limited edition prints will be available at the launch, so drop in to listen to the reading and pick up a copy!About 13 Tales of Ill Fate and Misfortune:Thirteen gothic tales published for the first time to inspire fear and flirt with one's curiosity. Through ill fate and gross misfortune, by the devil's design and the desires of those who succumb to all things wicked and perverse, the greatest horror is oft-times suffered by the simplest of souls. Ranging from the supernatural and the weird, to that artful terror which creeps on the cusp on our reality, this collection holds true to a rich and distinctively dark tradition.Each short story is accompanied by an abstract interpretation. The exquisite hand of Italian artist, Lara Luxardi, wiles Shine's words into illustrations so unique and inspired as to incite the sinister beauty of the horror therein. The launch takes place on Wednesday the 4th of December at 6pm, and everyone is welcome to attend!

Launch of Hunting Shadows by Sheila Bugler

Hunting Shadows, Sheila Bugler will be launched in Charlie Byrne's Bookshop, winner of best bookshop in Ireland, on Friday the 1st of November at 6pmWe're delighted to announce the launch of Hunting Shadows by Sheila Bugler on Friday the 1st of November at 6pm. Hunting Shadows is her first novel, and has received high praise in the crime world; Hunting Shadows marks the entrance of a major new talent.’ Cathi Unsworth.Sheila Bugler grew up in Galway. After studying Psychology at University College Galway, she left Ireland and worked in Italy, Spain, Germany, Holland and Argentina before finally settling in London, where she lives with her husband Sean, and their children, Luke and Ruby. In 2008, she was one of four writers to be offered a place on the Arts Council-funded Apprenticeships in Fiction programme – a mentoring scheme designed to nurture emerging writers in the UK and Ireland. When not writing, Sheila works as an online editor and writer and is also a regular contributor to the writing magazine Words With Jam. Hunting Shadows was published by Irish publisher Brandon Books. She is currently finishing a sequel.

About Hunting Shadows:

Lee, southeast London. A young girl has disappeared. There are no witnesses, no leads, no clues. The police are tracking a shadow, and time is running out …DI Ellen Kelly is at the top of her game – at least she was, until she took the law into her own hands and confronted her husband’s killer. Now she’s back at work, leading the investigation into the missing child. Her superiors are watching her; the distraught family is depending on her. Ellen has a lot to prove. And she knows it.A tense thriller that stalks the urban streets of southeast London and the bleak wilderness of the North Kent coast, Hunting Shadows introduces the forceful, compromised police detective, DI Ellen Kelly.‘Imagine a collaboration between Anne Tyler and AM Homes.’ Ken BruenThe launch of Hunting Shadows takes place on Friday the 1st of November at 6pm, and as always, everyone is welcome to attend!