Launch of "A Story of the Bodkin Murders" by Paul B McNulty

bodkin murdersCharlie Byrne's will host the launch of Paul B McNulty's A Story of the Bodkin Murders this Friday the 2nd of October at 6pm.On Saturday, 20 March 1742, John Bodkin of Belclare Co. Galway was hanged drawn and quartered having been found guilty of the murder of his brother Patrick on Thursday, 3 May 1739. On the gibbet on Gallows Green (now Eyre Square) in the city of Galway, he refused to acknowledge his innocence or guilt of this crime. Instead, as the noose tightened around his neck, he proclaimed I forgive Mankind implying that he was innocent.Investigating this incident and Bodkin's possible interest through the medium of a historical novel. Ten people are murdered in an inheritance-motivated feud at the Bodkin residence in 1741. Following the killings, John Bodkin becomes heir to that estate in Galway. He is now free to marry Catherine Bermingham, the gorgeous daughter of Lord Athenry. But their plans are clouded by the ensuing trial in which John's cousin, Shawn Bodkin, is one of those convicted. In a statement from the gallows, Shawn accuses John of fratricide in an earlier conflict. Instead of protesting his innocence, John goes on the run only to be apprehended by the army. At his trial, John refuses to plead either guilty or not guilty to the murder of his brother Patrick. Only Catherine knows why. She is the keeper of a dark secret, which John insists must remain hidden, even if it costs him his freedom or his life. Based on real events, A Story of the Bodkin Murders explores a fascinating tale of treachery, greed and romance in 18th century Ireland.Copies of A Story of the Bodkin Murders will be available to buy and have signed by the author on the day of the launch. For more information or to reserve a copy, simply contact us.

Launch of Spellbound by Sibella by Paul B. McNulty

Spellbound by Sibella by Pail B. McNulty will be launched in Cahrlie Byrne's Bookshop, winnder of Best Bookshop in Ireland!Join us for the launch of Spellbound by Sibella, by Paul B. McNulty, on Friday the 15th of November at 6pm, with a special introduction by Ronnie O'Gorman.In his debut historical novel, Paul B McNulty has portrayed the turbulent liaison of Sir Harry Lynch-Blosse of Balla, Co Mayo and Sibella Cottle, a woman with spellbinding powers. Sibella bore three boys and four girls by the 7th Baronet. She lived with him in the Big House, a practice that scandalised the local community. Sir Harry died young without legitimate heir in 1788. Sibella now had to complete the rearing of her seven young children with diminished support from the Big House. A native of Tuam, Paul discovered this enthralling story when researching the genealogy of the Anglo-Norman Lynches who settled in Galway.Paul’s apprenticeship in writing commenced at University College Dublin where he edited an engineering magazine, The Anvil. Afflicted with wanderlust, he travelled west to Ohio State and MIT to continue his studies to master’s and doctoral level. While in Boston, his interest in history unfolded through participation in the Committee for Justice in Northern Ireland and in the anti-Vietnam war movement. On return to Ireland, he honed his writing skills, publishing scientific papers as well as writing on food-related issues in the popular media.Following a career in Biosystems Engineering at UCD, he renewed his historical interest taking Adult Education courses in Genealogy and Creative Writing. His research into the Anglo-Norman Lynches inspired him to write Spellbound by Sibella, a finalist in the 2012 William Faulkner Novel Competition, which is published by Club Lighthouse.The launch of Spellbound by Sibella takes place on Friday the 15th of November at 6pm, and everyone is welcome to attend!