The Temporary Gentleman Sebastian Barry

20150501_150007Charlie Byrne's has just got Sebastian Barry's latest novel, The Temporary Gentleman, in stock for the bargain price of €5!!Jack McNulty is a 'temporary gentleman', an Irishman whose commission in the British army in the Second World War was never permanent. In 1957, sitting in his lodgings in Accra, he urgently sets out to write his story. He feels he cannot take one step further, or even hardly a breath, without looking back at all that has befallen him.Jack is an ordinary man, both petty and heroic, but he has seen extraordinary things. he has worked and wandered around the world as a soldier, an engineer, a UN observer - trying to follow his childhood ambition to better himself. and he has had a strange and tumultuous marriage. Mai Kirwan was a great beauty of Sligo in the 1920s, a vivid mind, but an elusive and mysterious figure too. Jack married her, and shared his life with her, but in time she slipped from his grasp.A heart-breaking portrait of one man's life - of his demons and his lost love- The Temporary Gentleman  is, ultimately, a novel about Jack's last bid for freedom, from the savage realities of the past and from himself.We have several copies of the acclaimed author Sebastian Barry's latest work selling for the bargain price of €5 reduced from €25! Make sure you call into the shop and snap up this bargain as soon as you can or simply contact us to reserve your copy now!

Children's book launch: Oisín the Brave - Robot Island

Oisin the Brave Robot Island by Derek Mulveen and Michelle Melville, will be launched in Charlie Byrne's bookshopJoin us  for the launch of Oisín the Brave - Robot Island, by Derek Mulveen and Michelle Melville, on Saturday the 1st of November at 11am! Oisín the Brave - Robot Island is the second Oisín the Brave story by Galwegians Derek and Michelle.We're big fans of Oisín the Brave - Moon Landing which has been a big hit with kids and grown-ups alike for it's adventurous story and unique Irish characters and themes.Former mayor of Galway, Terry O'Flaherty, launched Oisín the Brave - Moon Landing last October to a huge crowd of enthralled kids, followed by a reading and interactive games. Oisín the Brave - Moon Landing has returned to Charlie Byrne's twice since for packed out story telling with authors Derek and Michelle.

About Oisín the Brave - Robot Island:

Follow Oisín the Brave and Orane the Dragon through the Dolmen of Time on an adventure that takes them travelling across many seas, meeting strange creatures and help a little robot on a quest to find the GOLDEN KEY and save Robot Island ......Before time runs out.The launch of Oisín the Brave - Robot Island kicks off on Saturday the 1st of November at 11am and everyone is welcome to attend!

Leabhair do Pháistí: Irish language children's books window

Our front window brimming with vintage Irish language children's booksHave you visited our new window display of vintage Irish language children's books? Our window is brimming with classic Irish picture books that are sure to inspire a little nostalgia in us all!They're going quickly so drop by for a browse or get in touch to reserve a childhood favourite!  

Roads Classics

IMG_20131030_114150Check out our display of Roads Classics! Roads are a Dublin based publisher who have just released these beautifully produced literary classics, with modern minimalist covers. We love the high quality paper, fresh design and especially the French flaps, which really make all the difference! So far, they've published To the Lighthouse, Wuthering Heights, The Scarlet Letter, The Picture of Dorian Gray, The Hound of Baskervilles, The Great Gatsby, Notes from Underground, Madame Bovary, Heart of Darkness and Frankenstein. These make great gifts for literature enthusiasts and book collectors and we've got the whole series in stock at €12.50 each.