Story Time Fun with Up Up & A Play!

20150627_111056Last Saturday's story time saw some delightful vintage inspired fun courtesy of Mary Rose Keane and her book Up Up & A Play.20150627_114602Mary Rose and our kid's manager Ruth, led this special story time which saw our regular story time gang and some new friends sample some games, crafts and snacks from Mary Rose's book Up Up & A Play. Up Up & A Play is a children's activity book that encourages children to take time away from virtual pursuits to experience the simple delights and fun of outdoor games and easy craft-making that their parents or grandparents may have enjoyed in their youth.20150627_114229 (1)To decide which of the many games from Up Up & A Play we would tackle first, Mary Rose showed us how to make magic fortune tellers which would determine which games would be played next! This was great fun for all the children (and some grown ups too!) as we created some very colourful and creative fortune tellers!Pin the tail on the DonkeyOther games included, pass the parcel, with a very special book related prize, pin the tail on the donkey, pin the tail on the bunny, Simon Says and a very special story time of all our favourite story time classics like Room on the Broom, The Gruffalo and The Cat in the Hat. All of the story time gang were excellent participants in the activities and most definitely deserved their medals and gold coins for all their efforts!20150627_110354 (1)We had our usual story time goodies as well as some special treats baked with the recipes from Up Up & A Play including delicious gingerbread men and chocolate covered marshmallow lollipops! These treats were definitely needed to keep our strength and energy up for all the games with the gingerbread men being particular favourites with everyone!All of the story time gang really enjoyed this special story time, needless to say all of Mary Rose's crafts, games and treats have been given our seal of approval in what was a very memorable Saturday morning!20150627_123812 (1)Up Up & A Play is available in Charlie Byrne's for €14.99 and is well worth a purchase for keeping kids entertained during the summer months. With plenty of simple games, crafts and snack suggestions, this is the perfect way to get kids away from TV and computer screens and out enjoying a more simple kind of fun! For more information on Up Up & A Play or to reserve a copy, simply contact us. Or for more information on Mary Rose Keane see her facebook page here.