Launch: The Jepeca Way by Julianne Hadden

The Jepeca Way, Julianne Hadden, Charlie Byrne's bookshop, launch, book launch, book signing, best bookshop in Ireland, book cover, NHSWe're pleased to invite you to the launch of The Jepeca Way by Julianne Hadden, on Friday the 6th of June at 6pm.Jepeca was founded by Julianne Hadden in 2009. Jepeca specialises in empowering young people to make informed decisions for the changes they want to make, or have to make, in their lives. The programme predominantly works with social, emotional, behavioural or academic issues, but not exclusively. It provides tools, techniques and strategies in a safe, fun and relaxed environment.In The Jepeca Way, Julianne Hadden explains how the programme works, walks you through case studies, week by week, giving you a glimpse of how clients have changed their lives following the Jepeca programme. With a 92% positive change record, The Jepeca Way is ideal for readers who know someone that would like to be able to confidently deal with life's challenges and changes.After one of her first pilot programmes, a school said, “Julianne’s work was rated as the singular most effective intervention that the school had seen in several years.”Julianne Hadden's background is in the NHS, where she was a qualified nurse and midwife, and in Education, where she practised as a school nurse, giving her first-hand experience in dealing with many professions, including CAMHS, the police, schools, social services, and child protection.THE LAUNCH OF THE JEPECA WAY TAKES PLACE ON FRIDAY THE 6TH OF JUNE AT 6PM -- EVERYONE WELCOME!