Launch of "Drinking Molotov Cocktails with Gandhi" by Mark Boyle

molotov cocktailsCharlie Byrne's will be hosting the launch of Mark Boyle's Drinking Molotov Cocktails with Gandhi on Thursday the 8th of October at 6pm.More than ever, people across the planet want deep and meaningful change. From those campaigning for social justice and ecological sustainability, to those who want to protect animals, indigenous cultures and those in poverty, millions are realising that another world is not only possible, but absolutely essential. Yet despite the creative and determined efforts of so many, our crises deepen. A politico-economic system, increasingly benefiting a small elite, has brought us to the brink of climate catastrophe, ransacking ecosystems and unravelling communities, forcing us into unhealthy ways of life that conflict with our deepest yearnings. The problem may no longer be a lack of will but a dogmatic adherence to laws and cultural narratives designed to keep things just the way they are.In this incendiary book, best-selling author Mark Boyle explores, with terrible beauty, the uncharted depths of these challenges, and how we might face them with dignity, great heart and potency. Drawing on inspiration from the natural world, he sets out the case for the rewilding of our political landscapes, calling for solidarity between reformers, revolutionaries and resisters for the creation of a world worth sustaining. His uncompromising and surprising conclusions could revolutionise the way we face the challenges of our time.Be sure to join us on the 8th of October  at 6pm for this special event, books will be available to purchase at the launch. For more information or to reserve a copy, simply contact us.