East Galway Agrarian Agitation and the Burning of Ballydugan House by Ann O'Riordan

20150923_135027Charlie Byrne's have received signed copies of Ann O'Riordan's local history book East Galway agrarian agitation and the burning of Ballydugan House.Based on the burning of Ballydugan House in 1922, this book investigates the background to the burning of Michael Henry Burke's house which is charted alongside the rise of land agitation and unrest in east Galway. With branches all over East Galway,  the Land League and the United Irish League voiced the disquiet of land hungry tenants and sought relief for its landless members. At Ballydugan, the collective expression and systematic protest for the transfer of land ownership included boycotting, landlord intimidation, cattle drives and damage to property.This book also offers a unique insight into the often unheard of landlord experience and perspective on agitation offered by Burke's granddaughter, Mrs Claire Besnyoe. Her recollections and reflections on the family's decision to remain as landowners in the new Irish State, bring a distinctive element to this study. The consequences of the Burke's continued occupancy were not anticipated by the agitating Ballydugan tenants and the ownership of this estate continued to be a source of ongoing contention for several decades afterwards.Signed copies of this interesting read are available in store for only €10. For more information or to reserve a copy, contact us.