Competition: Win tickets to Breathless

Breathless competition on Charlie Byrne's Facebook pageHead on over to our Charlie Byrne's Facebook page for a chance to win 2 tickets to Breathless in the Mick Lally Theatre this Friday at 8pm. The new production Breathless stars My Left Foot Star Ruth McCabe, Donna Patrice, Sinead O'Riordan and Kate Gilmore, and is directed by IFTA award winning writer Iseult Golden. It's produced by Galway based Danú Theatre and Orion Productions, the same team behind The Woolgatherer. It's just arrived in Galway after a sell-out run in Dublin, and we're all looking forward to seeing it!Here are a few of the fantastic reviews it has received so far:**** The Mail on Sunday "POIGNANT""It is impossible not to be moved by these stories of savagery inflicted on ordinary women, and Ruth McCabe, Donna Patrice, Sinead O' Riordan and Kate Gilmore, directed sensitively by Iseult Golden bring their characters vividly to life."**** for The Herald"Directed by Iseult Golden, Breathless is an engrossing piece of work that features a resilient cast and a unique premise. Ruth McCabe (the aforementioned wife) is excellent, as is Kate Gilmore (the teenager). It's a tough watch. It's also an important one"www.nomoreworkhorse.comThe writing is intoxicating, each story unfurls with rhythmic timing, pace and pathos.The Sunday Independent : "ABSORBING"Le Cool : "GRIPPING"Metro Herald : " EXCELLENT PERFORMANCES"The Plays The Thing Weebly : "THE EXTRAORDINARY PERFORMANCES WERE FURTHER EMBELLISHED BY EXCELLENT LIGHTING, ATTENTION TO DETAIL IN SET DESIGN, SUPERB USE OF PROPS AND COSTUME "Cultural Highlight and a must see for this week in Dublin in the Sunday Times Culture MagazineHere are some snippets about Galway Actor Donna Patrice (Founder of Danu Theatre)"Donna Patrice is outstanding in this production, delivering a performance that is visceral, embodying the anger, fear and injustice of her situation in a way that is believable and heart wrenching. Shocking the audience with her outbursts of rage, Patrice navigates MacKenna’s script and brings his character and his story to life on the Smock Alley stage" www.thepublicreviews.comDonna Patrice plays a ballsy and bitter nurse who was dealt a rotten hand in life and has brought the hatred and anger with her to the other side. Her sharp wit, million mile an hour rhetoric and New York hot shot lawyer style investigative conversation makes for a stage dominating performance for much of the play. Despite her aggression she is the first character we fall hopelessly in love Visit the Charlie Byrne's Facebook page (click here) to enter!