An evening with Mark Boyle and Paul Kingsnorth!


We are delighted to be hosting the launch of Mark Boyle's "The Way Home" and Paul Kingsnorth's "Savage Gods" next Thursday, 27th of June, at 6.30 pm.These two leading lights of the ecological and alternative living movement are completely forging a new path in their respective ways.Mark lived for a number of years completely without money, an incredible journey that he cataloged in his earlier book "The Moneyless Man". He has now gone one step further and renounced technology completely. This Thoreau for the 21st Century is a radical response to the overwhelming nature of how technology leaves us disconnected and dislocated, definitely an important book.Paul's "Savage Gods" follows on from his extraordinary novels "The Wake" and "Beast" and his extensive ecological writings with this disquisition on the attempt to relocate his family from a metropolitan world to a simpler and more meaningful life in the west of Ireland.All are welcome to what will be a highlight of our summer events calendar!